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Nico Langeveld - 2 months ago
Contest: Purple and Green Bedroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Nico Langeveld 2 months ago
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Mo Nia MoNia - 2m ago

Make sure your entry fits the contest description and is rendered well.

What this is about? I can not add a room :-(

marocco - 2m ago

Me too! I can not add my room!

marocco 2m ago
Lifandus - 2m ago

Wow... this contest is surprisingly challenging!

Lifandus 2m ago
annabee51 - 2m ago
I can't submit it either!! :(
annabee51 2m ago
annabee51 - 2m ago
I got it!! you just have to zoom out!! my computer was zoomed in so I zoomed out and found it!!
annabee51 2m ago
iCellium - 2m ago

wait, zoom out?

iCellium 2m ago
ankablankab - 2m ago

ja również nie mogę dodać.. :(

ankablankab - 2m ago
udało się :)
Alecio - 2m ago

Eu adicionei o meu projeto nesse concurso mas não está mais, será que foi removido?

Alecio 2m ago
Daisy320 - 2m ago

Congrats to the top winners . ... there were some truly creative designs in this one! 

Daisy320 2m ago