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Contest: Staring at the Ceiling

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Tuubz - 2m ago

So weird, I designed a different ceiling in my head Yesterday and now this contest shows up. 

Tuubz 2m ago
Ebru Tekneci - 2m ago

Is the suspended ceiling bad choice? It did not get a heart.. :(

hauser - 2m ago

nobody is lying in bed yet ? 

hauser 2m ago

If anybody wonders why their design was withdrawn from the contest: The description says you have to create a bedroom. Too bad from the hard work, I think I've seen at least five entries so far that had amazing ceilings but had to be pulled out because they were not a bedroom...

Daisy320 - 1 month ago

I did too. Best of luck to everyone else. I didn't have enough votes for all the ones I wanted to vote for - this was a hard one to choose. Good work! 

Daisy320 1 month ago
Nico Langeveld - 1 month ago

Wow, interesting to see that the top 4 winners have a skylight ceiling.

Nico Langeveld 1 month ago
Daisy320 - 1 month ago

This was fun .  .congrats to the winners . . ..lots of great work! 

Daisy320 1 month ago
starsector - 1 month ago

Congrats to natthalie, eva, tuubz and meggle!  Lots of cool designs!

starsector 1 month ago
_Taz_ - 1 month ago

Really nice designs. But I would love to have more options of skylight ceiling, because the plain glass ceiling is not appropriate for snow...right?

_Taz_ 1 month ago