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aamartey - 11 months ago
Wall keeps disappearing in 3D view

I've seen this question posted a few times but I can't seem to fix the problem based on the responses given so far. I have a half wall separating the bedroom space from the living room space in a small basement that I can see in the low quality preview. But when I take a 3D photo of the room, the wall disappears and just leaves floating pictures in the air! How can this be fixed? 


aamartey 11 months ago
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Madge2017 - 11 months ago

Hi, aamartey...  apparently the program does not recognize walls unless they are connected at both ends.

You can try extending the short wall to the right, connecting it to the wall with the treadmill.  Then, place a rectangular opening (found under the doors tab) that is the width of the space you want open and the height of the room.

There is the catch that interior walls can sometimes flip items to the opposite side of the wall, which is what I found when I opened your design.  The pictures were still visible since the wall was transparent, but once the wall was solid when the wall was extended and the opening placed, the pictures had to be manually moved to show up.  Based on my experiences with internal walls (which I seem to love making!) the pictures will flip back, seemingly at will and whim.  Hope this helps.

Madge2017 11 months ago
hauser - 10 months ago

To many "open ends". The walls are not connected to the ground properly. 

hauser 10 months ago
Madge2017 - 10 months ago

hauser, did you fix the wall using the method I described or was there a better way?  I tried to remix the design so I could see how you had fixed it, but the design remix you did must be marked private since I cannot access it.  Thanks...

Madge2017 10 months ago
hauser - 10 months ago

upps, now it is public. No, i have chosen a double wall - an extra room with no space in it.  

hauser 10 months ago
aamartey - 10 months ago

Thank you both for your suggestions and thanks hauser for fixing the problem for me! 

aamartey 10 months ago