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Paris Lidgard - 1 year ago
shelving (pls reply ASAP)

how do you get  shelving inside the actual wall???????

Paris Lidgard 1 year ago
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hauser - 1 year ago


hauser 1 year ago

Am I right that  you have two walls, the external white wall and an introduced internal wall which is pink, then you've placed a door into the pink wall to create the inset.

Paris Lidgard - 1 year ago is has not been put on 4 every1 2 c!!!!!!!!!!!

Paris Lidgard 1 year ago

Sorry I'm not sure what you're meaning because in the forum it is visible which is why I'm asking.  

Madge2017 - 1 year ago

Yes, JustBeautifulInteriors, you are right... the pink internal wall has a rectangular opening the width of the shelf.  If you click on the image, then click the remix button, the planner opens.  If you then click on the pink wall, you can drag it away from the external wall and see how it fits together.   You can also set the opening a distance from the floor level to create another type of niche:  

Madge2017 1 year ago

Fantastic!  Thanks Madge2017

Madge2017 - 1 year ago

You are most welcome!

Madge2017 1 year ago