15 red 2

Red is the color of prosperity and happiness in traditional Chinese culture; when I was a little girl, every Luna holiday and new year our great grand mother would spend days cooking for family gathering of 30-40 people. On the day of the feast, she would set a table for 12 with all the food ready. It was mandatory the whole family must take turns kneeling 3 times and bowing 9 to the invisible ancestors sitting at the table, the food was not for us to eat until everyone took their turn 3 times. By the time all 30 people in the family had done this, it would be 3 hours later. My stomach growling in anger, drooling over the thought of eating some of the great food we were not permitted to touch. As I meet other Chinese immigrants around the world I came to find out this is not a common practice, ancestor worship is an ancient practice that goes far back in history most modern people are shock to find out this is what we did for holidays.

The image I created here portrays the look and feel of our setup for these ceremonies, in front of the table on the floor is a kneeling pad.

I was not able to find incense holders, Chinese scroll, food or chopsticks but the overall effect is close.