Meet Patty Lindbergh, a British student studying in her hometown of Nottingham, England. While she has somewhat of a comfortable life living with her parents, day after day she has to finish up essays, write papers, go to the University, and do some household work. She barely has time to snuggle off and sleep peacefully without the looming threat of the next day only a few hours away, but thankfully, she has a bed just perfect for her. A custom bed nook.

Curved in a near-oval shape and large enough for two to sleep in, this nook is perfect for Patty on long nights typing away, and just beautifully sleeping. Dream on, Patty...


This room is sort of in honour of my first room that managed to get on the front page, "Cute Little Cranny", so I added the exact same lanterns in that design into this room.


Thank you all for the win so much!!!!!