Design 427 Salt River Horses

I live in Arizona USA, about 20 minutes from the Salt River which flows through the Sonoran Desert. There is a group of wild horses, known as the Salt River Horses. They are free-roaming horses protected by law on federal lands. These horses are thought to be the descendants of herds left behind by a Spanish Missionary (Father Eusebio Keno) in 1687. Unfortunately, in the 1850’s many wild horses were shot, poisoned and killed because they competed for the grasslands with cattle on area ranches throughout the west. Even into the 1920’s, the 500,000 wild horses in Arizona were considered useless and destined for slaughterhouses by the thousands. Today, there are less than 500 in the entire state. These much beloved horses have the support of millions of Arizonans who step up to protect them when they are threatened. I have seen them several times when I went to the Salt River with my dogs. They are so special and so beautiful to watch. My design is a cabin on the Salt River where you can see the herd pass by in the coolness of early morning and sunset.