Bye Roomstyler

It breaks my heart to tell you that I will no longer be active on Roomstyler. When I came on here 2 almost 3 years ago. It was a happy place where people offered help and were actually nice and welcoming. Right now it feels very distant from that with the forums pulled right from under us and now all these copycats, it is getting harder and harder to convince myself to stay. I came to Roomstyler for my love of Interior Design, to help me grow as a person and some of you did just that you helped me step out of my comfort zone and others well you know what you did. I honestly give a kudos to all of you who are going to continue on here, but for me this is where my journey on here ends. Right now during this quarantine my unstable side has come out the side that hurts me the most knowing I have it. A couple of months ago I was able to hide that side pushing it deeper and deeper until this quarantine came along and it all just came up. My mental health is pretty much a wreck and Roomstyler was going to be my place of calm, but after long and hard wondering if I should keep going, I knew that now was better than ever. Since the Roomstyler staff does not see that all of us are struggling in this time I decided well whats the point to fight for something thats really not worth fighting for, even though Roomstyler has been an amazing place to me these past few years I just need to let that go, I also noticed that some very respected designers have been deleting themselves. I am not going to delete myself just in case one day I come back. I don't want to say that I am giving up, merely stepping away from something. So with that I am off. Goodbye Everyone. Keep designing! And until we meet again always keep a smile on your face!                                                                    Happy designing!!

                                                             ❤ Ellie