Red Hills and Bones


A famous example of O'Keeffe's paintings combining object with landscape, this oil painting depicts a cracked and bumpy red mountain extending from edge to edge of the canvas in the background. Although almost entirely obscured, the middle ground, a flat terrain at the base of the mountain, is populated with patches of pale green, pink, and yellow flowers. In the foreground of the picture, a bleached bone and vertebrae are indicative of the arid climate of the American southwest. When writing about her use of bones in her work,, O'Keeffe stated that the bones were, "strangely more living than the animals walking around."

SKU: 49182

Creator: Georgia O'Keeffe

Date: 1941

Original Medium: Oil on canvas

Original Size: 29 3/4 x 40 in.

Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art

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