Jaya seduction 360 - Bathroom - by anchajaya
Jaya seduction 360
Jaya Boffi360 - Living room - by anchajaya
Jaya Boffi360
Jaya DWR360 - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Jaya DWR360
Jaya 360 Panorama - Office - by anchajaya
Jaya 360 Panorama
Terrace lounge summer - Garden - by anchajaya
Terrace lounge summer
Jaya night snack - Kitchen - by anchajaya
Jaya night snack
Pub Night - by anchajaya
Pub Night
Rodin - by anchajaya
Jaya Float Camp - by anchajaya
Jaya Float Camp
view from floor bed - Global - Bedroom - by anchajaya
view from floor bed
Jaya Summer Splash - Office - by anchajaya
Jaya Summer Splash
Jaya Poltrona Lu IRay - Global - Office - by anchajaya
Jaya Poltrona Lu IRay
Americana West - Classic - Living room - by anchajaya
Americana West
Port of Entry - by anchajaya
Port of Entry
Waiting for Dr Who - Modern - Living room - by anchajaya
Waiting for Dr Who
Gold - Glamour - Bedroom - by anchajaya
blue green splash - Modern - Living room - by anchajaya
blue green splash
Jaya Calypso - Modern - Dining room - by anchajaya
Jaya Calypso
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Thank you Wildflowers~

Commented on Pink love

@Orionaute: Until I came to America, I didn't know how big of an issue it is in regards to copy rights; even people like Elon Musk has to deal with the issue of "farting rainbow unicorn". Currently there may not be a problem with people remixing the rooms, but in the future there  will be when more Americans and kids like my daughter's age are remixing rooms to make it theirs. Ideally there should be a button that says "request permission to remix" which allow the creators to have some control over their designs. Maybe one day in the future RS would understand it is important to add such button. I myself have saved a few rooms from other designers to study their constructions, most of them never respond to my requests to remix.  I keep those rooms private. "Remixing" is a very big issue and will become problematic in the future. There is nothing against you, my apologies if you took offense.

Commented on Ebony and Ivory

Thank you Vanessa D and Shajia~ 

Commented on Loft 2

Thank you Abigal and 3rdfloor~ I have more parts of this room I need to finish. Rendering slow down more when there are more stuff.

Commented on A Taste of Paradise

All your rooms have beautiful symmetries. :) Thank you for all your love and comments. 

Commented on Fritz and Leon

I want to say the colors of this room is wonderful and warm, you have a way in making every room so beautiful with the light illuminating and reflecting.~ Thank you for being here, you are always so supportive and like your profile pictures and cover page, you are a true noble person. :) ~<3 my respect and gratitude.

Commented on Yellow chairs

What a fun room to come hang out~ just want to say thank you for having been there, you are always so loving and supportive with me and everyone. You make being part of this community worth while. My gratitude ~ :)  ~<3

Commented on Ebony and Ivory

Thank you rfstarback and Lifandus~ ! :) Shelves are super hard since everything falls through. Maybe RS have shelves that  holds up stuff but I haven't found them yet, some of the designers who have been with RS longer might know. I learned about my shelves from Mandy B ;) ~