Jaya Boffi360 - Living room - by anchajaya
Jaya Boffi360
Jaya DWR360 - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Jaya DWR360
Rodin - by anchajaya
Americana West - Classic - Living room - by anchajaya
Americana West
blue green splash - Modern - Living room - by anchajaya
blue green splash
Golden girls - Modern - Living room - by anchajaya
Golden girls
Ebony and Ivory - Global - Bathroom - by anchajaya
Ebony and Ivory
Port of Entry - by anchajaya
Port of Entry
fragile balance - Bathroom - by anchajaya
fragile balance
float - Eclectic - Bedroom - by anchajaya
Island encounter pr - Kitchen - by anchajaya
Island encounter pr
Sea bunker - Living room - by anchajaya
Sea bunker
Transit loop - by anchajaya
Transit loop
Jaya 360 Panorama - Office - by anchajaya
Jaya 360 Panorama
Internship - by anchajaya
Aqua - Living room - by anchajaya
Almondy pr - Living room - by anchajaya
Almondy pr
Wallnutty pr - Living room - by anchajaya
Wallnutty pr
snooker club - Vintage - Dining room - by anchajaya
snooker club
Commented on Desigual corner

Love it, so bold~! <3

Commented on Happy easter

Happy easter~! are there more eggs for me to hunt? :D

Commented on Garden template

Is a nice cabin in the mountains. :) Thank you for letting me know about my room being locked. :)

Commented on Soul Studio

Thank you meggle I am glad you like. :) Is always great for me to have lots of drawers since I have lots nicknac. :)

Commented on Port of Entry

oh... I missed all the comments. Thank you all so much <3

Commented on Eyeland studio

Thank you HebaAdil~! <3

Commented on Ebony and Ivory

Thank you for all your love and comments ~! lydiaenderlebell, I totally agree with you in regards to ivory. though the song I base this room on was referring to people of different colors. :) I don't think inlay furniture these days are made with ivory any more. I did grow up with mother of pearl inlay furniture and (whisper)~ ivory color plastic inlay~ :D

Commented on Fantasia

very lovely~!

Likes Fantasia
Commented on Geo graphic

Lets play with more round windows~!!

Commented on Thonet living

Thank you Nari and Tree Nut and all your love and votes :)~ <3

Commented on Garden template I

There is a fairytale feel about this room  love<3

Commented on March 9 2019

Hey you figured out the steps. :) It is double thick walls for every step. I just saw your comment, I don't normally see comments further down my dashboard so forgive me for not seeing yours sooner.  Let me know if you need more tips just drop a note in my latest rooms.  I try to leave clues in my rooms to help those who have been asking questions about lighting. Keep up the great work~ <3 Thank you for all your love and comments before :)

Commented on Sleeping Buddha

love <3

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