Houseboat - Garden  - by Artem Vivendi
Mikes Home - by Artem Vivendi
Mikes Home
White Wolf - by Artem Vivendi
White Wolf
Old Country - by Artem Vivendi
Old Country
Lets play - by Artem Vivendi
Lets play
Underwaterlove - by Artem Vivendi
Shades of Grey - by Artem Vivendi
Shades of Grey
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wonderful room :-)...you was very creative in the last months!...i missed your fresh designs and your spirit too :-)

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Thank you barnigondi :-)Thank you VALKHAN :-)Thank you milyca :-)

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Congratulations on 3rd !  Great work :-)

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Congratulations on 2nd!...Really cool design :-)

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Congratulations!...Beautiful design :-)

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Classico - by Artem Vivendi


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