Country Spring - Living room - by GraceKathryn
Country Spring
Nautical Bathroom - Bathroom - by GraceKathryn
Nautical Bathroom
French Country - Bedroom - by GraceKathryn
French Country
Orange and Black - Living room - by GraceKathryn
Orange and Black
Eclectic Kitchen - Kitchen - by GraceKathryn
Eclectic Kitchen
Urban Jungle Bedroom - Bedroom - by GraceKathryn
Urban Jungle Bedroom
Early Morning - Living room - by GraceKathryn
Early Morning
Outside Looking In Brooklyn - Living room - by GraceKathryn
Outside Looking In Brooklyn
Summer Sun - Garden - by GraceKathryn
Summer Sun
Maximalist Living Room - Living room - by GraceKathryn
Maximalist Living Room
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Thank you barnigondi

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Thank you Sidney_stylingxx 

@Isaacarchitect All is good and thank you for the compliment!  It takes a lot more to get me annoyed! :)

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Very beautiful!

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Thank you Just Bee

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Thank you Sue and jade

I said I don't have a problem with it, it was changed enough for me.  You did not copy it exactly so I'm not asking you to take it down.  Just in the future you should try what I said, be inspired by someones design and than create your own design from that inspiration, don't copy it, be inspired!  You'll actually feel better that you used your imagination and not risk the chance of hurting anyone else! :)

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@Isaacarchitect I said your room was pretty darn close, I didn't say it was exactly like mine.  You used the architectural elements of the room but changed the design.  I didn't say I had a problem with it.  It was changed enough for me to let it go.  I do have a problem with people who remix rooms and make a couple of changes and call it their own.  That I don't like for myself or any other person who makes designs here.  There are some really talented people here and a lot of time goes into making  a design and it's not fair to the person who made it.  It's not a problem to get inspiration from someones design, use that inspiration and make it your own!

Thanks so much Raven Storme, I appreciate your comments!