bamboo bedroom  - Eclectic - Bedroom - by Ida Dzanovic
bamboo bedroom
Ottoman Porch - Eclectic - Garden - by Ida Dzanovic
Ottoman Porch
Sea nostalgia - Modern - Dining room - by Ida Dzanovic
Sea nostalgia
My bathroom - Eclectic - Bathroom - by Ida Dzanovic
My bathroom
Scandinavian  - Modern - Bathroom - by Ida Dzanovic
Japanese Art and Design - Modern - Bedroom - by Ida Dzanovic
Japanese Art and Design
summer feeling  - Eclectic - Living room - by Ida Dzanovic
summer feeling
commonly home  - Eclectic - Living room - by Ida Dzanovic
commonly home
my green bathroom  - Modern - Bathroom - by Ida Dzanovic
my green bathroom
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I love this room <3 

Commented on my birds

You are a real life-saver and you can see that clearly through fantastic design. Colors, shades, shadows, choice of furniture, details ... everything is in the right place and in harmony.La dolce vita :) ciao <3 hugs 

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Thank you so much Rossella <3 hug 

Thank you so much Zsuzsanna, I`m very happy for such an encouraging comment. <3 hug 

Daisy, we share exactly the same feeling :) Thank you so much <3 hugs <3 

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GREAT! <3 

Commented on Birds Bathing Bath

Favorite! Great design <3 

Thank you so much Venessa! <3  Yes, it is reminiscent of the fairies in the forest :) 

Danke Mum! :) <3 

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A modernist focus on form. Very elegant and stylish. 

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Likes your choice of furniture and the color combination. Very cozy room! <3 hugs 

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WooW! So great! <3 

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Thank you so much Barnigondi <3 hugs