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oopooooooh time to scurry away into the forest and become lumberjacks

stop. this is unacceptable. no one warned me i would be crying this hard looking at a simple house design. but no. this is NO simple house design. this is THE house design, where the whole gang would be. But quick question: where's the pet ferret??? You're doing the chaotic energy of the friend group a HUGE disgrace by not including our beloved pet........

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@ags107 bust 'em, show me those funky dance moves UPtOwN fUnk

you always want to go on a hike ..... i'm just stating facts <3 

i went to click on your 69 one and it won't let me because it's inappropriate SMH BUT YOU BETTTER GIVE ME CREDIT MON CHERE!!!!! or i'm come at you with my baguette

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I think u mean 8 loser........... Also Hercules called: he wants his dangly cross earring back