Factory Renovation - by lydiaenderlebell
Factory Renovation
Under the Tuscan Sun - by lydiaenderlebell
Under the Tuscan Sun
Boho BR Renovation - by lydiaenderlebell
Boho BR Renovation
My Swiss Chalet I - by lydiaenderlebell
My Swiss Chalet I
Santa Barbara Living - by lydiaenderlebell
Santa Barbara Living
Boho Wildflower Dreams II - by lydiaenderlebell
Boho Wildflower Dreams II
Sunset on the Ocean II - by lydiaenderlebell
Sunset on the Ocean II
The Beauty of Plants - by lydiaenderlebell
The Beauty of Plants
Fog settling in - by lydiaenderlebell
Fog settling in
A Taste of Paradise - by lydiaenderlebell
A Taste of Paradise
Harmony in Grey - by lydiaenderlebell
Harmony in Grey
Funky Hangout - by lydiaenderlebell
Funky Hangout
Student Warehouse Flat - by lydiaenderlebell
Student Warehouse Flat
Kitchen Elegance - by lydiaenderlebell
Kitchen Elegance
Kitchen Renovation - by lydiaenderlebell
Kitchen Renovation
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Love that doggie outside the window!!! And the design, of course/1

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This is awesome as well as extraordinarily beautiful!!

I love theĀ  intimate cellar atmosphere; it's so European/German. Fantastic job!!!

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Thank you, Valkhan,Tuitsi, JayPH, Lifandus, Inna_Inas, Artem Vivendi and Violetta V,. I want to thank all of you for your visit, and your generous comments, which I appreciate very much.

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Excellent Job!!

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