Factory Renovation - by lydiaenderlebell
Factory Renovation
Under the Tuscan Sun - by lydiaenderlebell
Under the Tuscan Sun
Boho BR Renovation - by lydiaenderlebell
Boho BR Renovation
My Swiss Chalet I - by lydiaenderlebell
My Swiss Chalet I
Santa Barbara Living - by lydiaenderlebell
Santa Barbara Living
Boho Wildflower Dreams II - by lydiaenderlebell
Boho Wildflower Dreams II
Sunset on the Ocean II - by lydiaenderlebell
Sunset on the Ocean II
The Beauty of Plants - by lydiaenderlebell
The Beauty of Plants
Fog settling in - by lydiaenderlebell
Fog settling in
A Taste of Paradise - by lydiaenderlebell
A Taste of Paradise
Harmony in Grey - by lydiaenderlebell
Harmony in Grey
Funky Hangout - by lydiaenderlebell
Funky Hangout
Student Warehouse Flat - by lydiaenderlebell
Student Warehouse Flat
Kitchen Elegance - by lydiaenderlebell
Kitchen Elegance
Likes black
Likes Clock
Likes Clock
Likes Clocks
Commented on Orange Bricks2

Love it, the woods, the colors, the choice of furniture,  the design!!!

Commented on Clocks

Love your centerpiece and all the amazing details! Great job for this particular contest!

Commented on Loving Winter

WOW! I am so impressed by all the wonderful comments that come from all of you!! Thank you very much Lifandus, Ariema, BortikZemec, and Jade! 

Commented on Loving Winter

Thank you, Mum Dali! Hugs to you as well. I hope you are enjoying the upcoming holiday season. 

Commented on Loving Winter

Thank you so much, LaModeCeleste!!!

Commented on Attic Retreat

Love it!!Very unique!

Commented on Via Antonio Provolo

What a lovely idea! LOVE it!

Commented on M_Beautiful autumn

Very lovely fall setting! Love it!

Commented on Azulejos

Amazing what you did with the sideboards!