Sanctuary - by Madge2017
Living Room - by Madge2017
Living Room
Macon girl room - by Madge2017
Macon girl room
The Heart of the Home - by Madge2017
The Heart of the Home
Gillilands Tavern - by Madge2017
Gillilands Tavern
Curl up with a good book - by Madge2017
Curl up with a good book
Guest bath704 - by Madge2017
Guest bath704
Laundry704  - by Madge2017
Master bed - by Madge2017
Master bed
Focal Point - by Madge2017
Focal Point
Infinity - by Madge2017
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Thank you, eva!

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I hope this helps!  I added your suggestions, starsector.... thanks!

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Thanks, kitty.  I had so much fun with this contest!

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I am glad you enjoyed it, marocco!  When I posted it, I realized my definition of "cheerful" colours varied from the ones I saw in the contest, but it looks like some of y'all must find muted colours cheerful as well!

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Four rooms now....

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