6 - Living room - by Raven Storme
5 - by Raven Storme
9 - Living room - by Raven Storme
13 - by Raven Storme
14 - by Raven Storme
15 - by Raven Storme
25 - Bedroom - by Raven Storme
36 - Kitchen - by Raven Storme
21 - by Raven Storme

So, I figured out that it had to be pointing a certain way in respect to whatever object you put near it for it to melt into them.  If you turn it, it won't do it.  Weird.  But here, I remixed it anyhow because I'm still up.  https://roomstyler.com/rooms/35905546/fix-the-blue-footstool

I just might do that, LOL!

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I'm glad I read the comments or I would have been a bit confused, LOL.  Geez.  We have some bizarro furniture in the catalog ... 

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I guess there's a character limit on comments since it wouldn't let me post mine.  Bottom line is this: the user in question does this intentionally, and they aren't going to change.  We can ignore them, mark comments as spam, whatever, and they'll still keep on doing what they're doing.Yeah, it sucks the joy out of the site.  Yeah, it's annoying as all heck.  Yeah, a block feature would be super handy, but I'm not sure admin can give us that.  I don't know.I do know that I like seeing all of your designs.  I like the interactions here and there with all of you (okay, not that one but everyone else).  I like coming in here and throwing something together even if it looks like something a three-year-old did.  It's still an escape from my life, you know?  Yeah, we have a bad apple in our midst, but don't let them take your joy, kay?  Because I'd miss seeing all of your (plural) designs.

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I love that wall mural.

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This is fantastic!

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