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gon finish this later gtg

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h - by SofiGotStyle


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Thanks! I will. In real life I have that type of glass in my hallway!

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Old House - Living room - by SofiGotStyle


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Nice! May I ask, how did you get the covid poster?? I always find it frustrating I don't know the name of every single roomstyler item!

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Thank you! I gave my best! :)

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This is amazing style! How did you not win?

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Thanks! I got the inspiration from an episode of Jessie when they show one of the character's room. The style is different than this one but they had the bedroom swing.

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You succeeded :)Wonderful rendering and you chose a pretty scenery!

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Nice render! You can see I like cats too!

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You're one of the few people who didn't make their rooms modern and actually made this an office! Well done, you have great styling sense!

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No problem!