NaturalMinimalist - by StienAerts
Attic LivingRoom - Living room - by StienAerts
Attic LivingRoom
Plant Deco Loft - Bedroom - by StienAerts
Plant Deco Loft
Garden_Kitchen - Modern - Garden - by StienAerts
Cosy Sleeping Cave - Modern - Bedroom - by StienAerts
Cosy Sleeping Cave
Urbnite - by StienAerts
Wild Flowers Residence  - by StienAerts
Wild Flowers Residence
urban home office - Office - by StienAerts
urban home office
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@designstudiopdx thanks!! I don't pay for photo renders or the quality, this design ended on the 'home page' of this site. Because of that the quality got better. I'm not using this image for anything, just for the purposes of this site. So I only used it to enter a contest. I like designing since I study Architecture, so this site is real fun to me. On every design I spend a different amount of time.