Palm leaf Gym - by The funfun girl
Palm leaf Gym
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Heeyy..jem here, the pic on ur pp was taken by me so, hope ur proud of my strenuous efforts. A good photographer captures the ugly in any motion!;) Howz it been there? No doubt you've become a bit of a beach babe ay???;) Anyways, ill luv ya and leave ya and hope that u have a fantastic future. Ill send some videos of tm(or xenna or kiahna) as u know whats happening. if u want news, il tell ya over whatsapp coz u know...this is a public website:)Cya,JRHJemimah

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hey its mw....r u having fun? 

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Hey demi

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Love this room...it reminds me of my town house in new york...the colours are the same style i have mustards, black and white...so stylish!! also please follow me...xx

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Also please follow me!

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This room is so gorgeous!

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this is the best room i have ever seen....pls follow me...

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love this room...reminds me of the time i went to the alps...i was snowboarding down with some friends and went to fast, lost my balance and rolled over and over til the bottom of the mountain....when i got down they took me to hospital and they said i had an injured back...it took me almost 6 months to get back and working.....this was 3 years ago and still feeling the pain....bringing this back to you love the brown couches...pls follow me 

This room is so beautiful...i love the colour skeem of the room and the pot plant in the corner...i need this in my house...it reminds me of the time i went to a little cabin that i rented out for me and my best friends...we overlooked the lake we were staying at...one of my friends had a bit to much of the wine and jumped in the pool fully clothed...that was such a fun weekend....bringing this back to you love the pillows....pls follow me...#funtimes#lake#goodvibes#lovingthisroom 

Hey girl...love your design and your name....this room makes me feel so zen...i actually own a yoga workshop....i'm all about positive vibes, crystals and glass half empty...it's always the glass half empty....anyways just wanted to put that out there and say i am very thankful and blessed with your work...pls follow me...#zen#yoga#blessed.....love you....

Hey zayneb_17 love this room....really vibing it....the clock in the centre really reminds me of the time i went to paris with my best friend....we went up the eiffel tower, then we got harnessed and climbed down the eiffel tower, it was so scary because i was afraid of heights but that really showed me that i'm strong and confident and made me overcome my fear of heights...i've been skydiving twice now and bungee jumping once.....this memory really made me more strong so thank you for bringing that back...your the best and love your work....pls follow me zayne.....#memories#paris#alllove#heights#skydiving#strong#beast.....

well i'm sorry to and for your haster...we should all forget this and come to peace...

they just can see that your being totally unfair and rude....so don't bash them to....

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love the green smeg fridge...totally my vibe...reminds me of the time i was choosing my fridge for my house i really wanted to get a pink smeg fridge but my mother said it was better if i got a silver one that was 2 days ago which one should i get the pink or the silver... pls follow me 

thx krispy kreme for supporting me and ...you are the best

Leonardo31, 321simple is actually my personal friend. I don't appreciate you saying that. and i think this convo should come to an end. Thx....

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I like this play room...i like all the colours...i've actually got a kids room to it's called dream room for 5 yr olds....you should go check it out....bringing this back to you love the flags hanging on the wall...pls follow me please....#lovekids#alllove#lovingyourdesigns

Sorry, i didn't mean for this comment to be offensive....I thought i was just being friendly....i'm sorry you feel the way that you do...

Yeah i have quadruplets siblings called olive, max, marren and ollie...that's where i got the inspiration to design this room because they have just turned 5....

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pls follow me:)

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Connie, you have excelled yourself once again! I am always looking out for your newest design and this is gorgeous!!! It is absolutely beautiful and it reminds me of the time I stayed at a rental home in  Bora Bora. It was fantastic but my dog bit through a wall. 

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@Astri Danske - I really appreciate your feedback but there is a window in which you can see in the mirror