Mister President - by Theadora
Mister President
She Shed - Eclectic - Garden - by Theadora
She Shed
Quietude - Eclectic - Living room - by Theadora
Tiny House - Eclectic - Living room - by Theadora
Tiny House
Island Getaway - Eclectic - Bedroom - by Theadora
Island Getaway
Chalet - Eclectic - Living room - by Theadora
Naturalis - by Theadora
Shinto - by Theadora
Family Kitchen - Eclectic - Kitchen - by Theadora
Family Kitchen
Yes You Can - Eclectic - by Theadora
Yes You Can
Vancouver Island Living - Eclectic - Living room - by Theadora
Vancouver Island Living
Snug as a Bug in a Rug - Eclectic - Bedroom - by Theadora
Snug as a Bug in a Rug
Waterfront III - Eclectic - Kitchen - by Theadora
Waterfront III
Transparent - Eclectic - Living room - by Theadora
Weekend - Eclectic - Living room - by Theadora
Spring has Sprung - Eclectic - Dining room - by Theadora
Spring has Sprung
Pizza Patio Pool Party - Eclectic - Garden - by Theadora
Pizza Patio Pool Party
Daisy - Eclectic - Bedroom - by Theadora
End of Day - Eclectic - Bathroom - by Theadora
End of Day
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@Mum Dali. Unfortunately history proves that people don't learn from past mistakes - just look at what's happening in the U.S. right now -  very scary! :(

Gorgeous! :)

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Beautiful design! Thank you for the history lesson...Adding to this "conversation" - the treatment Canadian and Australian Native people receive(d) was/is deplorable... Canada during 2nd world war disowned their Japanese immigrants, took away their property and put them in camps. Growing up in The Netherlands all this was never part of my history lessons. 

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